Map of Retreat w Possible Trayvon Routes

19 Dec

Overview of Retreat w Routes


10/19/12 Hearing Photos

20 Oct


Shooting Pix at a Gun Conference

29 Sep

Copyright Infringement

14 Sep



2012 CFACDL Judicial Poll Seminole Circuit

30 Aug

Statement Regarding Release of Crime Scene Photograph From Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the Parents of Trayvon Martin

10 Aug

A brief comment from Trayvon’s parents





All The Marbles

10 Aug

A syg mini-trial. if he wins, no trial, no civil suits. if he loses, trial and possibility of civil suits. omara had to go for it.


What about state? Since all of the discovery isn’t delivered to the defense, can the state ask for a delay on syg hearing?